Crime Definitions and Information

There are quite a number of actions that are deemed to be against the law, whether state or federal. While many people are aware of these actions, few know what actually constitutes each unique offense. Below is a comprehensive look at some crime definitions and information, the main aim being to provide a better understanding to each of them.  Kindly note that specific definitions and penalties may differ depending on your geographical location and the circumstances linked to your case.

Aiding and Abetting

This is a criminal offense of aiding, giving advice, persuading or otherwise helping another party in commission of a crime. In this context aiding is interpreted as helping another party with something while an abettor is a person who encourages or helps another party.  Examples of aiding and abetting include assisting an individual plan murder, offering advice on how to carry out fraud or assisting a person escape from a lawful custody.


This is defined as gaining access to a building or premises with the sole intent of committing a crime. Burglary is often linked with theft but gaining access to a building with the intention of committing other forms of crime like rape or sexual assault is also regarded as burglary.


moneyThis is a criminal offense of making duplicates, creating legal tenders or goods that are meant to pass as authentic. Counterfeiting crimes involve money but today’s counterfeiting accusations may also involve goods such as clothes, jewelry and computer software. Involvement in counterfeit goods and products is against the law and is regarded as fraud because it infringes patents, trademark and copyright laws. Creating replicas of credit cards is also regarded as counterfeiting.

Insider Trading

It is illegal to use important information which is not available or known by the public about a company’s stock or securities to trade. Any action to this effect amounts an insider trading crime. A financial director of company X who is well aware that the company was to be placed under receivership (and the public did not know this) is not supposed to use such information to trade or sell all his stock in the company let alone advising others to sell.


This is the criminal act of setting a fire to a dwelling, personal property or a forest intentionally. A person may commit this crime with an intention of committing fraud like insurance fraud or would commit it maliciously. An individual may execute arson in an effort to cover up another crime such as murder as well.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Also known as vehicular homicide, this crime happens when a person recklessly or neglectfully causes the death of another person. It may be described in simple terms as causing an unlawful death to another person while operating a motor vehicle. Auto accidents are bound to happen regardless of how careful a driver is. Therefore vehicular manslaughter charges are only applicable in instances where the driver was acting in a reckless manner with a wanton disregard to the lives of other road users.

While this is just a tip of the iceberg on many forms of crimes, the information provided here sheds light on a few crimes and what they entail. Be sure to source more insights on crimes definitions and information on legal websites and magazines and always do you due diligence before hiring an attorney.

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